May 15th , 2013

The Rocky Mountain Partners Aktion Club Minutes for the Meeting of May 15th , 2013

The Preliminary Business Before the Meeting:

Heidi rang the bell at 4:11 P.M. Carl led the pledge of Allegiance and the Invocation. The song "God Bless America" was the song. The Happy Bucks Can was passed around.

Announcements During a Meeting:

JoLynn Osborne nominated Carl Shinn for the Senior Hero Award. The award was presented to him on May 9th, 2013. Pictures were passed around of Carl who received the award. Charley Able nominated Louise Weech for the Senior Award in 2009. Gary Harlow took a picture of Carl receiving the award. David Osborne wrote the article. The pictures were also displayed on the Rocky Mountain Partners Aktion Club Website that David Osborne set up. David Osborne also encouraged Donna to display the minutes that I take at the club. Leslie was going to display information describing what the Eliminate Project is like. Our club would use a field trip to replace our regular meeting. Sustainability Recycling which is desccribed as Developmental Disabilities Incorporated. Two Birthday cards were passed around. Louise Weech's birthday wasc on May 15th, 2013. David Osborne's birthday was also honored. Carl mentioned that the fire chief would gladly talk about fire safety at one of our next meetings.

Members Present:

George Giles, Gary Harlow, Joel Carpenter, Carl Shinn, Donna Gunnison, Heidi Shinn, Hannah, Louise Weech, Sara, Sandy, Leslie, Diane Jurann, another Sarah, Joe Chadwick, Tom Nolan from Lakewood Kiwanis, JoLynn Osborne and David Osborne.


The program consisted of packaging licorice for the Action Center in Jefferson County.


Heidi adjourned the meeting at 5:10 P.M.

Your Secretary,

Donna Gunnison