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June 19th , 2013

The Rocky Mountain Partners Aktion Club Minutes for the Meeting of June 19th, 2013

Business During A Meeting:

Heidi rang the bell at 4:00 P.M. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. The song "God Bless America" was sung. The Invocation was recited by Carl. The amount of money that was contained in the Happy Bucks Can was $6.00.

Members Present:

Darin from Lakewood Kiwanis, Heidi Shinn, Hannah, Leslie Levine, Donna Gunnison, Louise Weech, Sara R, Genni Williams, JoLynn Osborne, George Giles, David Osborne, Gary Harlow, and Carl Shinn.


Darin talked about having several raffles in a Kiwanis business meeting. The Law Enforcement groups that are not paid are the Colorado Rangers and the Ferar Rangers. Free Personal safety courses are offered as well. An activity that is going to be offered is an actual bid which are five dollars per ticket. The event will be held at the Heritage Ceter which is South of Lakewood Commons on August 15th, 2013. There is also another program called Alive at Twenty Five that puts people on probation that have gotten in trouble with the law.

Volunteers were asked to see if the would like to work at the picnic. David Osborne asked if I could put this information on the Website. Leslie asked David and Darin if they could on both websites. Gail Christianson is head of Finance through the Chamber of Commerce.

JoLynn suggested doing laughter Yoga as a program along with Chrismas bags. West Metro would be willing to have a speaker from West Metro Fire Department talk about fire safety. David asked about having articles written on his website. The picture of all the members and officersss was taken on June 5th, 2013 was then put on the right hand corner of his web page. Heidi Shinn's mother retired on June 20th, 2013. The party was from 2:00 to 3:00. David showed us other links to the Rocky Mountain Kiwanis. Our next meeting will be at the ARC picnc on July 17th, at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds. There is also going to be a International Aktion Club which is held on September 6th thru 8th. The focus will be on Focus and Leadership. Carl and Heidi are going. There is also going to be a District Convention that takes place in Cheyenne Wyoming. The individuals that are going are
Donna Gunnison?, Gary Harlow, Heidi Shinn, Carl Shinn, JoLynn Osborne, Louise?, Hannah and David Osborne. JoLynn Osborne talked about the Assistive Technology. They would do a research project and ask about their services. Three individuals would be selected and days would be coordinated with the Aktion Club. A person would sign up for a forty five minute block of time. An atricle would be read about insurance. This project starts in August.


Rocky Mountain Partners Aktion Club Secretary,

Donna Gunnison


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Sara Ruger April 3,2013

The Aktion Club learned how to country line dance. Kelly Shinn (Heidi Shinn's sister) taught how to country line dance. She taught us the steps and broke it down so we could learn it easier. Some were better than others and the music selection was great. It was a fun activity.