Annual Dinner at Chad's in Lakewood

Posted July 1, 2013

Hello my name is Heidi Shinn, I'm the President of Rocky Mountain Partners Aktion Club Kiwanis
On February 6 2013 the Aktion Club went to chad's restaurant for a dinner, with all the members who could join us on that day, Chad's is a very good restaurant. I had a hamburger, my father had a salad, my boyfriend Gary had the black and blue burger, Joel ordered his own dinner, he had the mac & cheese. Aktion Club goes to a dinner like this once a year, and is paid for by the fund raising events we hold. I would like to thank everyone who volunteered their time to make these events with the Rocky Mountain Partners Aktion Club possible, thank you all.
Your President Heidi Shinn


Midwinter Conference in Longmont, Colorado.

February 16, 2013


Line Dancing

April 3, 2013

Sara Ruger April 3,2013

The Aktion Club learned how to country line dance. Kelly Shinn (Heidi Shinn's sister) taught how to country line dance. She taught us the steps and broke it down so we could learn it easier. Some were better than others and the music selection was great. It was a fun activity.



March 6, 2013

Leslie L. gave a presentation on Bhutan and India.

The transcript follows:


Because every nine minutes a baby needlessly dies from tetanus, the ELIMINATE PROJECT Joins KIWANIS

International and UNICEF in an effort to raise funds to protect 100 million women and their babies

from this disease.


Monies raised will immunize women to reproductive age. $1.80 CAN SAVE A LIFE and protect a woman and

all future babies. Vaccines will be administered through 3 properly spaced rounds of Immunizations in

areas where mothersc and newdborns have limited access to prenatal care. The action plan calls for

promotion of clean delivery practices, immunizations and sustainability through education.


We know this can work. In 1994 KIWANIS joined UNICEF in the world service project eliminating iodine

deficency disorders the world's leading cause of preventable mental disability. KIWANIS raised $100

million for idoizations, testing and monitoring and for community outreach and education in developing

nations. These funds are at work today in more than 103 countries. More than 80 million children

will be born free of IDD this year. We know the ELIMINATE PROJCT can have the same impact on

Maternal Neoatal Tetanus (MNT)


New Website Overview

June 5, 2013

David Osborne gave a presentation on the new website he is developing for the Aktion Club. The information included the web address, what could be expected on each of the different pages, and how to provide feedback on the website or any club information to David. Future plans for the website were also discussed.